BALTICA 2007 - Circle

July 12-18, 2007

BALTICA 2007 - Circle
July 12-18, 2007

The festival was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Baltica festival.

The International Folklore Festival BALTICA has taken place under the aegis of CIOFF® in turns in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia since 1987. The aim of the festival is to preserve, revive and develop national and regional cultural traditions, to promote cultural contacts with other nations.

BALTICA festival adheres to the principles and rules of CIOFF® and promotes the authentic or reproductive forms of folklore (A/E). As a symbol, circle has many meanings like cosmos, consummation, constancy, simplicity, emptiness, delimited and infinite world, generation and creation of the world.
Living folk culture in the situation of creation expresses the harmony in between the human being, nature and the whole world. On the same time it indicates to the plane curve figure – circle that is the main motive of ring game. Circle also springs up when the stone is thrown into water – circle after circle widening... Every human being with his/her meaningful acts causes the same kind of ring-shaped movements that changes the world. The motive should be expressed through dance, music, games, rituals and customs. Human being and his/her surrounding: life circle, family circle, game circle, dance circle, time circle etc.

BALTICA 2007 gathers about 3000 participants of different regions of Estonia as well as from other countries. Program of the festival covers the Capital Days in Tallinn and the Country Days in 10 regions of Estonia. Festival activities include the opening and closing ceremonies, concerts, parades, social meetings, workshops and festival clubs.

BALTICA 2007 - Circle July 12-18, 2007
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