Baltica in Kalamaja

6th of July 2013

Baltica in Kalamaja
6th of July 2013


11.00 The courtyard of thought (cafe in Katlaaed) – discussion about the definitions of traditional culture and traditions in contemporary world. Led by Ando Kiviberg


12.00 Neighbours courtyard - for everyone who is curious about what the Latvians, Russians, Ingerian Finns and Ukrainians sing and dance about


13.00 Man and his kannel (zither) – a meeting with two folk kannel-players. The meeting is led by Igor Tõnurist ja Leanne Barbo


15.00 Drum workshop (Katlaaed) – There are many people in Estonia interested in traditional drumming but we do not have any trace of the traditions. Peteris Verebs and Antons Rutka from Latvia will inspire us with their music


15.00 Song games of a village party (workshop) – song games for youth and adults organised by MTÜ Sabatants


17.00  Heritage walk. A walking tour introducing historic places of Kalamaja


19.00 Tallinn party (Salme Cultural centre) – foreign groups and selected Estonian groups and musicians. Hosted by Kristiina Kapper ja Juhan Uppin Buy ticket here!


22.00 Festival Club and Cinema (Katlaaed) – films about heritage in cooperation with  NGO Kinobuss, dancing, singing and music.


There will be an art exhibition of Ašot Jegikjan about Estonian traditional culture in the Katlaaed. 

Baltica in Kalamaja 6th of July 2013
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